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Awesome and Inspirational 2019 Students of the Year
Congratulations Charlotte, Josh, Julia & Oliver.

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October 2019

What a fabulous Sensei Hazard course, Wowza.
Well done everyone and special congratulations to Charlotte, Josh and Julia for successfully achieving Shodan on the grading.

Whoop Whoop and Hurrah. 😀


March 2019

Another brilliant course, well done everyone, many thanks as ever to Sensei Hazard.

Special hip hip hooray to Alan McCubbin for successfully achieving Nidan on the grading, well done indeedy Alan


Whoop Whoop 2018 Student of the Year
Mega Congratulations Kathleen for your awesome determination and generous spirit


Fabulous October 2018 weekend course with Sensei Hazard.
Well done, whoop whoop and hurrah to the successful Dan grading candidates.
1st Dan: Kathleen, Natalie, Reagan 
2nd Dan: Alan, Dave

Huge congratulations


2017 Students of the Year....drum roll........

Izzy Webb & Alan Watson.
The competition was high this year, many students have excelled, well done and thank you for your help. 
Izzy and Alan pipped the post as both have demonstrated that the journey does not stop at Black Belt and both have shown great support for the clubs.

Much appreciated and Whoop Whoops galore.

After 37 unforgettable years, Blyth's own inimitable ursine Sensei Jeff Westgarth finally got fed up with trying to teach us an oss from an empi and uraken'd off into the sunset last month in search of new adventures. 
As Sensei Westgarth's words of wisdom echo in our hearts, the dojo reverberates with the collective kiais of all of his students; near and far, young and old, past and present, we all wish him the very, very best for everything that lies ahead and thank him deeply for his hard work and all that he has done for us over the years

Many congratulations to the above Blyth & Morpeth students. 
Six graded and passed Shodan and two graded and passed Nidan on the Sensei Hazard course on 14/5/16.
back row - Alan, Sensei Hazard, Sensei Pops, Sensei Westgarth
front row - Ben, Caryl, Lucy, Dan, Izzy, Kiana, Taylor


Congratulations to the three students above who passed

their 1st Dan grading to achieve Shodan

on the Sensei Hazard course 14/5/16.

L-R Lucy Boiston - Alan McCubbin - Isabel Webb.

Many congratulations to the above Blyth & Morpeth students.

Three graded and passed Shodan

on the Sensei Hazard course 09/5/15.

L - R Sensei Westgarth, David Patterson, Sam Lyons,

Alan Watson, Sensei Hazard